2010 Top Warning Light Establishment led by our president Kevin Cho who is an experienced engineer with warning light design. 
2011 Jan. Factory located at Huangong Road, Yongkang District and approved for ISO9001:2008
2013-2015 Expansion of operations and becoming the manufacturer for multiple leading suppliers in America.
2016 Jan. Implementation of DIGIWIN ERP system for efficient management.
2016 Dec. Purchased new land for and began construction for new and improved factory.
2017 Jan.
Qualification for VDA 6.3 production process audit and ISO9001:2015. Becoming the manufacturer for multiple leading suppliers in Europe.
2018 Jan. Implementation of Citrix virtual system for digital security.
2018 Sep. Moved operations to new factory at Yongkang District Zhongzheng North Road.
2019 Jan.
Established the first Surfaced Mount Technology (SMT) production line and began mass production
2019 Jun.
Established the second SMT production line and implemented barcode systems for production and warehouse management.
2020 Apr. IATF16949 Certificate Approval