Please email us at twl_sales@topwarninglight.com.

Download the product catalog (DM) from our official website: You could find the catalog tab in the "Products" section. Download to get a detailed information.

LED products are covered by a general 2 year warranty from the manufacture date of the product. Extension warranty to be discussed upon customer requests.

Our warranty covers product defects and electronic components failures when RMA form is done submitted. See more details in the TWL Warranty web page.

It means 3 memory functions. Mode 1: Red Wire to (+), Mode 2: White Wire to (+), and Mode 3: Red&White wire to (+).

We recommend reaching out to our dedicated technical support team within the hardware department for assistance. They process in-depth knowledge and expertise in our retired product line. Our technical support team will be more than happy to provide you with customized installation guides tailored specifically to retired products. These comprehensive guides will ensure accurate and efficient installation processes. Please feel free to contact our technical support team for further assistance.