RMA policy

Credit note will be issued ONLY when failure items are acknowledged by TWL.     
Limited warranty coverage: 1 year for appearance parts and 2 years for electrical parts.    
Limited warranty duration start from one month after the date on the QC pass sticker.    
Limited warranty does not cover following:    

  1. Non-TWL products
  2. Missing QC pass date code sticker or date code expired warranty duration.
  3. Return unit is not properly packed to avoid further collision or damage which will impact the analysis of the true causes.
  4. The produt has been dis-assembly or modified.
  5. Any Physical damage, mishandling, mis-use, illegal modifications, or missing parts.
  6. Failure cause by force majeure such as accidents, fire, floods, earthquakes, wars…etc. are not coverd by Warranty.
  7. For those item been fully inspected and proven that is a normal function properly item.

Problem clarification before    

  1. Please provide clear pictures or short videos to show us what's the problem and how you connect it?
  2. Is this only happen when connect it like this?
  3. What's the power source of it when problem happened? Runs on a car, power pack, battery or any kind of power supplier?
  4. If that was run on a car then was it happened when engine's off or engine's on?
  5. What pattern or which pattern when it happened?
  6. Anyway to measure and tell us what is the current when failure happened?
  7. Can you provide what is the QC pass date code?
  8. Did you test it in correct install method and double check there is really a failure?
  9. You may want to film it to prove this unit really in failure when test it.

Please note,    
*All above is for kind reminder to ensure you return failure units only.  Therefore, we can re-create the problem and define true casue.    
*If returned units are being tested normal, TWL will return as refurbishment.